Mix And Match – Get all possible permutations of an unlimited number of lists in Excel

Mix N Match

This post is a little fun, not much of a Struggle I guess. In excel, we use permutations more often than we realize. Say you have twenty performance metrics and you’d like to monitor them for each month, imagine how much copy pasting and concatenating would need being done to get your column header names in place?

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Concatenate Unique Cells, with Text Formatting

Struggling to Excel

A fellow struggler requested me to help him with a slightly beefed up Range Concatenate function. He needed to combine a bunch of numbers in a range; there were multiple entries of the same number, and he wanted a unique list; finally he needed to format the numbers.

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Initialize Local Range Names in VBA Quicker

VBA Range Names Declare Assistant

I always use locally named range in all my spreadsheets, in fact I wrote a post about it earlier. I extend my love for named ranges even while writing VBA code for spreadsheet applications. Using a pure Offset function based code, or a Cell Reference based code, in my opinion, is not the best way to go. Having named ranges in worksheets, and updating them to include more data before processing is the best way to go.

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