Announcement: Dropbox Links Out of Order

The Dropdown links are not working due to excessive downloads. WordPress.Com does not allow Excel Documents to be hosted on their site. We have decided to replace the DropBox links with OneDrive links for the time being. The links have been updated for most of the recent posts. We will update links for all the posts soon.


Removing non-printing characters from text in Excel using VBA

Have you ever encountered a perfectly constructed MATCH or a VLOOKUP function failing for no apparent reason? Have you had VBA tell you that a file does not exist even though it does? You may have non-printing characters to blame. There are notorious space-like characters that are invisible to the naked eye, which sneak in when you are importing data from Web Pages, Word Documents or PDFs. In this post we will learn more about these characters and how to remove them from your data.

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