Range Navigator – Smarter Navigation for Excel

Range Navigator

My previous Excel Navigation add-in fetched a few fans; I got a lot of positive feedback on LinkedIn. I designed it to help people working on enormous spreadsheets. I then realized that big workbooks usually host many sheets. I received a few requests to add worksheet selection functionality into the form. Nothing makes me happier than to help my fellow strugglers, so I worked on an extension.

Range Navigator

So here is what you can do with this little bad-boy:

  1.  ‘Scroll’ through all the workbooks open in the current instance of Excel, by clicking and dragging through the listbox
  2.  ‘Scroll’ through all the visible worksheet in each workbook.
  3. Then you can use the ‘Nav Pad’ to scroll through the sheet’s used range
  4. If you press the little toggle button at the bottom, the form becomes a little bigger and reveals two more list boxes. One for all the global range names in the workbook, and another for the local names in the selected worksheet.
  5. Now, the ‘Nav Pad’ scrolls through the selected range name only.


Range Navigator



I have not fully tested it yet. I expect some errors: protected workbooks, protected worksheets, non-rectangular ranges, etc. Do let me know if any errors pop up.

Published by Ejaz

I specialized in actuarial science in my masters’ program and I am determined to become a qualified actuary. I invest extra time and effort into creating intuitive spreadsheet applications that improve productivity at the workplace. I also enjoy spending my leisure time creating digital art; I publish my designs on my art in this blog named Designecdotes. Most of the people who have dramatically influenced my life were enthusiastic academicians. I believe that the greatest gift in life is having a nurturing mentor, and I would like to be that for someone. I owe it to my future mentees to be the best at what I do, and I consciously direct my endeavors at gathering what I consider essential traits of a seasoned mentor.

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